WiTCHDUCK March Madness Means Crazy Deals on Pickleball Equipment and Accessories

WiTCHDUCK March Madness Means Crazy Deals on Pickleball Equipment and Accessories


Dave Christensen here. First and foremost, thank you for your past patronage.

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It’s Wednesday today -a few days past when we set the clocks ahead to Daylight Savings Time. I’m still not back on a proper sleep schedule.

So, I’m laying awake thinking about how I can move some pickleball paddles -how to sweeten the deal so it might be a no-brainer for people when they see it.

I keep a notepad next to the bed to jot down ideas I get when I’m supposed to be sleeping. I often do not remember exactly what notes I take during the night.

This morning I found the notes I had about how to present a compelling reason to try one or two of our WiTCHDUCK Whiplash pickleball paddles.

First reaction -I’m not Santa Claus -probably not a good idea.

The more I looked at it the more I warmed up to it and here it is -here is the Crazy Deal I have for you.

For starters, for a limited time we lowered the price for you on our WiTCHDUCK Whiplash pickleball paddle.

The manufacturers suggested price on it is **$44.95. **

It has been on sale at $34.95 for a few weeks.

We just placed a Crazy Deal sale price on it of **$29.95** for a short time to see how it will go over.

Sorry to say, though, at this price, the maximum quantity per person must be lowered to 4 only.


However, to sweeten the deal, if you look down the page here:


. . . . at the ‘Special Offers’ section, you will see two promos:

1.) -if you buy at least one WiTCHDUCK Whiplash pickleball paddle, you can get a pair of WiTCHDUCK Wrist Wraps for 99% off -pretty close to FREE. (normally $13.99)

2.) You could also opt for a FREE pair of WiTCHDUCK Elbow Straps for tendonitis relief. (Normally $11.99)

See those two items here: http://bit.ly/pickleball-accessories

The wrist wraps help stabilize your wrist if it’s giving you a little trouble with arthritis or some other imflamation -when playing racket sports -or, even digging in the garden.

The elbow straps are for occasional painful inflammation of your tendons -whether golf elbow of tennis elbow.

These two items can provide some relief to keep you in the game.


Hang on, I don’t think we’re done yet. I don’t think I mentioned that the Wrist Wraps come packed with another FREE bonus -a nice set of wrist sweat bands that I think you will like.

While you are on the Amazon page, scroll down and look over some of the reviews other buyers were kind enough to invest their time to issue -for the benefit of others.

That’s what I have for you today.

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Thanks for the listen (or read). I hope to see you back here again soon. Enjoy the rest of your day and be well.