Strength Training Exercises for Tennis/Pickleball

Strength Training Exercises for Tennis/Pickleball

Strength training exercises are so important for every sport, but specifically important to maintain endurance during the entire game. When it comes to playing tennis or pickleball you are going to need endurance and strength to reach your full potiental. You can achieve this by doing these exercises:

1. Squat/Lunge: For a squat, put your feet shoulder width apart and point your toes slightly outward. Then hinge your hips back, go straight down, knees over toes, and then come back up. If you need a regression, try squatting to a box, for a progression try adding some weight! For a lunge, one leg goes back, knee to the floor and then bringing your feet back together. Walking lunges, or weighted lunges are also great!

2. Calf Raise: Two feet next to each other, go up to your toes, and then back down. If you lack balance, be sure to grab something to hold on to. This will be helpful while playing tennis and kickball because you need those muscles to push off your feet and move quickly.

3. Banded Shoulder External Rotation: If you have a towel, roll it up and place it under your arm to keep your arm in the correct position while you complete this exercise. Hold the band, retract your shoulder slightly, and then move your arm straight out to the side. You should feel this in the posterior side of your upper shoulder.

4. Overhead Press: (Will be great for overhead serves!) Grab some weight, and then careful lift over your head in a up and down motion. A progression for this exercise would be to use a kettlebell.

All these exercises will help you develop more power when playing, and it will also help decrease risk of injury! These exercises may seem basic, but are essential for developing the proper muscular strength.