PROLITE Ignite Review with Srikar the 8-year-old Pickleball Wonder!

PROLITE Ignite Review with Srikar the 8-year-old Pickleball Wonder!

The Pickleball Librarian and Srikar, the eight-year-old Pickleball Wonder of Lenexa, review the new PROLITE Ignite. 

Prolite is a family owned and oriented company and a leader in the market pushing paddle innovation and technology. The Ignite paddle is a hybrid paddle with power, touch and control. It’s unique rounded shape helps players dig out balls from various parts of the court.  

Players love to watch Srikar fight his way from the baseline to the kitchen while defending shots at this feet. 

This paddle is perfect for igniting Srikar’s game at the kitchen line. He has excellent touch on quick volley exchanges and when the ball is hit too high, the Ignite gives Srikar the power to beat the larger and physically stronger players. 

The carbon fiber and polycarbonate face provides a unique dwell time where the ball stays on the paddle and allows for excellent control. One of our testers was able to get a lot of nice looping shots and top spin from the Ignite. 

Huge thank you to PROLITE for their support of Junior Pickleball and our first ever Pickleball Summer Reading Program! PROLITE Sports made this young man’s day by providing him with the wonderful Ignite paddle and accessories.

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