ProKennex Kinetic Paddles with Steve Dawson

ProKennex Kinetic Paddles with Steve Dawson

Today Steve Dawson walks us through the redesigned #ProKennex Kinetic Pickleball Paddles. The #KineticSpeed series (Pro Speed II and Ovation Speed II) are the second generation of these paddles from ProKennex which now offer bright new color schemes, and add introduce the replaceable Air-O-Guard edge guard to protect your paddle. The brand new #KineticFlight series (Pro Flight and Ovation Flight) are lighter than average, feature a seriously grippy surface texture to enhance the spin you impart on the ball with cut shots, and also benefit from the excellent Air-O-Guard edge guard.

Join Steve for this informative introduction to the entire ProKennex line of pickleball paddles, then head on over to Pickleball Central to select the right one for you. Every new paddle purchase is covered by our 30-day Paddle Test Drive guarantee, which enables you to play with your new equipment as much as you like and still return it to us for ANY reason within 30 days of purchase. Buy with confidence!

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  1. Vito Berlingeri on April 30, 2021 at 11:34 pm

    Will they ever make an elongated paddle, if so then we are talking a must-buy!