Pickleball – Do you know what is "X" in Pickleball? | Pickleball Strategy

Pickleball – Do you know what is "X" in Pickleball? | Pickleball Strategy

Pickleball – Do you know what is “X” in Pickleball? | Pickleball Strategy
We are always looking to gain a strategic edge in pickleball. Understanding the “X” can help you determine which player on the serving team should handle the third shot after the ball has been returned. The “X” is not a one-size-fits-all concept, but rather a concept to be understood and applied as part of a well-rounded approach to the game.

If you want to see the “X” in action, check out these videos:

https://youtu.be/BclxgHdsuZM – in this video we show several shots (some lefty-righty, some righty) where the “X” is respected and not.
You can go to the 3:00 minute mark to see the “X” section.
There are several “forehand in the middle” shots that break the “X”, including the old forehand/backhand one at 4:09.
The mechanical breakdowns and results are pretty evident. And these are 5.0+ players in the match.

Thanks to Jim and Jake for helping make this video possible.

This is part of our Pickleball Improvement and Strategy Series.

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