Kollectaball Ball Collector & Feeder All-in-one

Kollectaball Ball Collector & Feeder All-in-one

Tennis ball Pickleball collector hopper comparison with a Gamma ball hopper.

Introducing the world’s fastest tennis ball/Pickleball collector and feeder all-in-one. Use it to collect up to 60 tennis balls in seconds then flip it upside down to use it as a ball feeder. With five adjustable feeding heights between 35 inches and 42 inches, it is the first ball feeder that fits players and coaches of all sizes.
Very lightweight at under 8 lbs, the Kollectaball Hopper is also extremely durable as cage wires are tested for over 10,000 hours of use without breaking. Works great on clay, grass, and hard courts without damaging any court surface. Fun and easy to use with interchangeable cages that can pick up all types of tennis balls, the Kollectaball Hopper is perfect for training or coaching.

Buy in Canada: https://racquetguys.ca/collections/pickleball-kollectaball/products/kollectaball-cs60-tennis-ball-collector-and-feeder

Buy in the rest of the World: https://racquetguys.com/collections/pickleball-kollectaball/products/kollectaball-cs60-tennis-ball-collector-and-feeder

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