Interview with Tarek Zaheer

Interview with Tarek Zaheer

In 2011, Tarek Zaheer, a student at Western University, and his dad started, an online retail outlet

Interview Highlights

6:30 Pickleball Mall YouTube Videos
12:57 Pickleball Mall 1-800 Number
19:06 T-Shirts and Logos

22:22 Over time it become apparent to Tarek that being a full time student he could not devote the time necessary to maintain the cyber enterprise. So, he launched Mach Z, a wholesale company, with the vision to develop an indoor pickleball called the Finesse.

27:03 Creating a ball for pickleball players by pickleball players journey
31:45 Paying for the pickleball prototype – Chinese ball mold cost vs US
38:59 Chinese company customer service ratings
42:48 The moral of the story regarding the first batch of balls
49:22 Working closely with the USAPA
56:30 We needed boots on the ground in China for quality control
1:10:21 The Mach Z CADET Paddle – beginner paddle, PE Classes
1:05:45 Tarek talks about the online Pickleball Business today

On their 2014 price list, PICKLEBALL STUFF, a Seattle based online retailer, included two of the Mach Z Finesse balls that were USAPA approved for tournament play.

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