How Different Paddle Shapes Affect Your Game

How Different Paddle Shapes Affect Your Game

Paddle manufacturers have plenty of flexibility with regards to sizing. There are lots of paddles that feature slight variations of each popular shape.

The three main shapes are:

1. Classic Shape
It is a squared off shape with rounded edges and large hitting surface. Traditional square shape paddle are designed to provide the best of all worlds and not sacrifice much of any feature. It has a large and even hitting surface with a moderate to large sweet spot.

2. Elongated Shape
An elongated paddle has the longer paddle face, some of these have long
handles and some have very short handles.These paddles are designed for anyone needing more extension in their reach in order to cover more area around them. However, one area this paddle lacks is the maneuverability. While you do get more reach, you are moving more surface area which will cause extra resistance as you move it side to side.

3. Rounded Shape
The rounded paddle and within this category I am including the oval and
teardrop shapes. These paddles are designed to be aerodynamic and will be efficient when moving it from side to side. Rounded shape gives the largest sweet spot out of any paddle. The only thing these uniquely shaped paddles sacrifice on is the extension.

Every paddle shape has its strengths which should compliment your game. Usually there is some kind of sacrifice to the paddle as well, which shouldn’t be an issue as long as you’re selecting a paddle that will work for your game, not against it.

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