Franklin Christine McGrath Signature Paddle Review

Franklin Christine McGrath Signature Paddle Review

Today, we are here with a review of Christine McGrath Signature Paddle by Franklin.

The design of the paddle is very appealing. The textured surface seems maxed out on the grit, while fiberglass surface will provide you with spin and control. The 5 Inch long handle is great for two-handed backhand. The power of the paddle is quite noticeable and is extremely useful on those ground strokes. The polypropylene core and fiberglass surface creates a nice harmony of control and stability. Overall, this paddle would stand up really well to the heavier outdoor ball and outdoor elements such as wind.

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  1. Geffen Kama on May 19, 2021 at 2:29 am

    great review! Another similar paddle that I love to use is the gearbox cp7. It has amazing spin and power, but has slightly less control. If you have that paddle on hand could you do a review on it? It is underrepresented on YouTube. I demod it as well as other more expensive gearbox paddles before I bought it but I like the cp7 more than their gx5 and gx6 paddles. The cp7 has better spin as well as more power than the gx5 and gx6 in my opinion. Keep up the reviews!