Electrum Pro Review!

Electrum Pro Review!

Eric Neuer joined us in reviewing the Electrum Pro back in early March. It retails for $150. Its length is 15.5″, wiidth is 8.5”, grip is 4″, and grip circumference is 4.25″. https://www.electrumpickleball.com/products/electrum-pro

According to Electrum sponsored player Ryan Trefry, they are coming out with a longer version in 2020. Another one of our favorite players Shellton JeanBaptiste-Webster aka the Unicorn plays with the Electrum Pro.

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  1. SexySurferGal on December 28, 2021 at 1:01 am

    Large failure rate at my club. At least 10 that I know of. One guy on his third one in a year. Warranty is terrible – only 6 months, compared to lifetime warranties at Engage and Selkirk. Hey, maybe an all black paddle that is in the sun all day and held together with epoxy isn’t a great design idea? Maybe perform some HALT and HASS tests so you understand the operating and destruct limits of your designs? Or perhaps you already know you have a ridiculously high field failure rate which is why you have the shortest warranty period of any manufacturer.