Doubles Pickleball Strategy 303 – Killer Drop Shots

Doubles Pickleball Strategy 303 – Killer Drop Shots

The drop shot is a great pickleball shot for players at all levels, but drop shots are especially important when playing against folks with low mobility. The drop shot is a softly hit shot with backspin that falls onto the opponent’s court just after clearing the net. Ideally, these drop shots should fall into the kitchen.

You use the short shot when you are at the non-volley zone line and your opponents are deep in the court near the baseline. You should only use the shot when you achieve outright winners from it most of the time. So, if your opponents can usually reach and return your drop shots, stop using them because you are just providing your opponents an easy journey to the NVZ line.

An ideal time to use the shot is after you have made a successful lob shot that has pushed your opponent to the baseline.

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